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Our mission is to design a soulful travel experience that keeps you vibrant, flexible, open-minded, forever curious, and always young at heart.

Because travel isn’t just about “getting away.” It’s about finding your way to the places that shift your point of view. To experiences that show you what’s possible when you step outside your norm. And to people that welcome you with a warmth that transcends borders. We’ll help you find it all, through creative itinerary design + service that ensures you are in good hands at every moment of your journey.

Hi, I’m Patricia Castoro

I founded my own travel agency to help my clients make the most of their time on vacation—and, more expansively, the precious time we’re granted here on earth. Because I firmly believe well-planned travel is always time well spent.

My Story

My journey begins with a diagnosis: My dad had a degenerative disease that would eventually claim his eyesight. Knowing this, my parents took our family on the road, crisscrossing the country in a meticulously planned, year-long RV journey while my dad could still see. We visited every single state, and it was the first time I got to quench my curiosity about what lay outside my life in Oklahoma. It was also a powerful lesson in carpe diem, taking advantage of the time you have to fill your life with joy and wonder.

That year on the road inspired a lifetime of exploring beyond my own well-trod backyard—and it’s always been worth it, whether I was marveling at spires or sinking into luxury hammams in Istanbul, biking through Crete, touring the Louvre with a private guide, or sipping wine while watching the sun dip behind the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

My husband and I dove head first into another adventure when we moved to Kenya for three years in 2018. Along with our excitement over experiencing a new culture came memories I wouldn’t trade for anything: witnessing the Great Migration across the Masai Mara, waking up to giraffes poking their heads through the windows of the iconic Giraffe Manor, and cementing lifelong friendships with the Kenyans who welcomed us.


Today, my focus is on helping travelers heed the urge to make time for travel now, so you can savor the memories you craft forever. 

Outside the Lines

At Acacia & Lime, I connect the dots between the journey you crave, and the incredible experiences that will deliver it. With my global relationships, personal travel experience, and tenacious approach to designing exceptional itineraries, you’ll embark on your journey with confidence.

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We fell in love with Kenya from the day we stepped foot in the country. After our first safari, we knew Africa would be in our lives forever—the beauty, wildlife, the people, and the luxury take hold and never let go.


This is where East meets West, with dazzling results. I was drawn to all the Old-World history, culture, food, and beauty with a modern flare.




We had a jaw-dropping visit to Paris with all of its splendor, food, and museums, followed by three days of private touring through Normandy. We attended the 75th anniversary of D-Day celebration, where we met some of the veterans who had not returned until that day. It was a highly emotional travel experience!



My family visited the famed Christmas markets, and the region enchanted us with its snow-capped cathedrals, wood chalets, festive spirit, and hot mulled wine. Then, we skied the Alps with the best ski instructors in the world, ending the day with an “après ski” on the mountain while taking in the surrounding beauty.



The most romantic place in the world—and where we fell in love all over again. Italy boasts everything we adore: food and wine, espresso, daily strolls, beautiful music, charming locals, history, and culture. Oh, and who could forget our private limoncello-making class or homemade pasta on the piazza!

At Acacia & Lime, we build that perfect-fit vacation for you.

One that matches your pace, that speaks to what stirs you, that helps you check off your bucket list and veer off the beaten path with confidence. Discover how working with an A&L travel design expert leads to a whole new way of exploring the world:

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