Top 4 Reasons to Use a Luxury Travel Advisor

November 14, 2022

In a world of endless online resources, it is tempting to do-it-yourself when planning your vacation. It seems easy enough to book a flight or a basic hotel, using your favorite search engine, but what are you missing and how much time are you spending researching and planning? When designing a luxury vacation, you should hire a professional, for the same reasons you hire an expert to do your taxes, or a licensed contractor to renovate your home. We know well planned vacations are not only a financial investment, but an investment in yourself and your relationships. Anytime you make significant investments, it is best to rely on the wisdom and resources of an expert. 

Here we would like to discuss four reasons you should contact a professional travel agency or hire a luxury travel advisor for your next big trip.

1. Expertise 

It’s easy enough to book a hotel online, but how do you know you’re choosing the best hotel for your personal needs, travel style and budget? When you buy small commodities, it may not seem like a big deal to pay a little more here and there. But when you invest hard earned vacation time, months of research, and thousands of dollars on a dream trip, doesn’t it make sense to ensure you get the best product and value, especially those not found with a click of a button? So how can you be certain that you are reserving exceptional accommodations and experiences? 

Experienced luxury travel advisors have an acute understanding of the products they recommend to clients, and their talent is crafting your itinerary based on your specific travel style, interests, goals and budget. No search engine can replace the power of human connection and client collaboration. Luxury travel advisors also have access to exclusive contracted rates, value-added amenities (sometimes adding up to hundreds of dollars), and professional relationships that allow them to elevate journeys to the next level.

2. Seamless Travel Itineraries 

When planning your own travel, it’s often difficult to coordinate all aspects of your vacation, ensuring you are on the most optimal flights, meticulously arranged hotel reservations, and researching the necessary documentation to jet off on your multi-destination European journey. A luxury travel advisor can take care of the legwork and free you from exhausting your spare hours, so you can focus on the most precious things in your life. While your advisor is brilliantly planning all of the little details to ensure your trip is seamless, it allows you to just concentrate on the fun part… showing up for your trip!  

Maybe most importantly, the services of an excellent travel advisor become quite clear when things go astray. Things happen…if you miss your tour, get ill while traveling, or need to make last-minute changes, your travel advisor becomes your greatest advocate in getting things back on course. 

3. VIP Client Care

Perhaps you’re an avid skier and would like to stay in a private mountain hut in the Swiss Alps with a panoramic terrace. Maybe you want an expert genealogist to guide you along your ancestral journey tracking down your Celtic roots spending time in the tiny villages in Scotland. Or perhaps you are looking to take a once-in-a-lifetime private Safari to celebrate your retirement. A full-service luxury travel advisor will design comprehensive itineraries and will enlist the best in-destination partners to make sure you are fully taken care of. Without connections, it’s nearly impossible to VIP yourself. Leave it up to your advisor to arrange, concierge level support, and to contact hotel management to tell them about the special occasion you are celebrating or how much they would appreciate you feeling pampered. 

A professional travel advisor has the connections and expertise to craft itineraries that are most uniquely suited for you and your family, while also considering the logistics and nuances that make a vacation seamless. 

4. Exclusive Experiences 

Sometimes you may want to plan a trip to a remote destination that requires significant planning, permits, and connections. Other times you may be looking for an exclusive and hard-to-get experience. Many travel advisors specialize in particular types of travel and have established relationships with industry colleagues worldwide. They may suggest destinations, experiences, and hotel properties you may otherwise not have known existed.

Perhaps you dream of having a mother-daughter high-tea with a duchess, an exclusive tour of Florence led by a master historian, or touring the Greek Isles on a private, fully staffed catamaran. Maybe you want to take a hiking expedition with a National Geographic photographer to see one the last remaining habitats of Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, or you have always wanted to have your children participate in land conservation in Africa . Where would you even begin searching for this, and how much time would it take you? These are the types of experiences a luxury travel advisor will be happy to arrange. 




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